Yoga Teacher Training Course

Outline of Course Syllabus

Our fully accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course is a Diploma Course of two years duration and is open to all those who have completed a minimum of two years continuous and regular Yoga practice. YTI's Yoga Teacher Training Courses are held in Dublin.

The two-year part-time Yoga Teacher Course will cover the Eight Limbs of Yoga:

  • Yamas and Niyamas: the core of Yoga Ethics
  • Asanas: Classical Yoga Postures including Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Spine, Prone and Balancing Postures
  • Pranayama: Breath Awareness, Sectional Breathing and Classical Yoga Pranayamas
  • Pratyahara: the practice of Sense Withdrawal
  • Dharana: the practice of Focused Attention
  • Dhyana: the practice of Meditation
  • Relaxation: learning the practice of relaxing others as well as oneself

Some time will also be spent exploring the Yoga Kriyas, Mudras and Bandhas.


Covering Classical Yoga Philosophy texts including Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and How to Know God.

Teaching Skills

Yoga teaching skills commence quite early in the Training Course so that trainees are competent to teach small groups as part of their training in Year 2.  (During Year 2, trainees will be expected to present a full Yoga class in front of their tutors).

Anatomy and Physiology

All Systems of the Body will be explored and the topic of Anatomy and Physiology will be fully related to Yoga.  There is a minimum allocation of 50 hours on the course for this subject, in keeping with the requirement for our accreditation.  There is a written examination at the end of years 1 and 2 and a Certificate will be awarded to successful participants.

First Aid Certificate Course

Guest lecturers will facilitate this course.  A practical and oral examination will take place at the end of this course and a Certificate, valid for three years, will be awarded to successful participants.

Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers will provide you with specialised advice on topics of interest - such as Child Protection, the Chakras, Complementary Health and Postural Modifications.

Course Commitment

The Yoga Training Course takes place over 10 weekends each year – 20 weekends in total. Weekends consist of Saturday and Sunday attendance – 10.00am – 5.00pm - and are all compulsory. Continued regular attendance at a general Hatha Yoga class is also expected. Attendance at one ‘set’ Seminar per term (organised by YTI) is also expected. Written work is given on all aspects of the Course to aid assimilation. Throughout the two year course, there are also two Residential Weekends.

During Year Two, participants are expected, as part of their training, to set up and teach a small Yoga class – with the continued support of their Tutors. As part of the final Assessment, trainees are expected to teach a full Yoga class in front of their tutors. A written examination is given in Anatomy and Physiology at the end of Years 1 and 2. (Contact teaching hours total 500. Expected study, research, group-work and assignment time totals 160 hours giving a total of 660 hours which is currently above the European Union of Yoga requirement).

Yoga Therapy Ireland is dedicated to teaching and providing Yoga training of the highest quality.

In order to maintain the highest of standards on the Training Course, Yoga Therapy Ireland will have each Diploma Course assessed and monitored by two independent sources.

Further accreditation for our Yoga Training Course is currently being explored, so that our Yoga Teacher’s Diploma will be recognised, not only throughout the Yoga world, but also throughout the national fields of education.

Course Costs

Please contact the YTI office for details of course costs. Thank you.

Teachers’ Register: Yoga Therapy Ireland, as part of our support for our teachers, provides free advertising for all our teachers. In this regard, we distribute a professional Teachers’ Register, listing all our teachers names and contact details - and we also promote our teachers via our website. While YTI offers its own fully accredited Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course, we are delighted to welcome and accept all qualified Yoga teachers (who have completed a minimum of two years training) from all styles of Yoga training backgrounds, once they insure themselves through the Yoga Therapy Ireland Group Insurance Scheme.


Tutors' CVs are available from the YTI office.

Tutors listed here are Founder Members of Yoga Therapy Ireland.