Course overview/objective:

To equip qualified yoga teachers with advanced teaching skills and knowledge in specialised and therapeutic aspects of yoga, to make yoga accessible to those with limitations (eg: arthritis, spinal conditions…).

Course content:

  • Delivered over 16 days over 18 months

  • Covers an in-depth exploration of the anatomy of yoga poses

  • Includes medical conditions and structural / postural limitations commonly presented in class situations

  • 4 body systems (muskulo-skeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems) are focused on to deepen anatomical, physiological and pathological knowledge

  • Explores needs analysis, plan preparation and development of yoga therapy classes

Course Facilitators:

Tutors Include:


A minimum of 2 years teaching experience including a minimum 50 hour Anatomy and Physiology qualification.
An interest in teaching yoga on a one to one basis or specialising in teaching yoga for common ailments.


YTI Yoga Therapy Diploma

Next Course 2018:

February 2018


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