Course overview/objective:

To gain the confidence to set up specialised yoga classes for pregnant women.  Taking teachers through the nine-month experience of pregnancy, ending with the miracle of birth and how they, as yoga teachers, can aid this process and help a woman to get in touch with her inner power as woman and mother.

Course content:

  • Delivered over 5 days

  • Includes antenatal to give the yoga teacher a greater understanding of pregnancy and birth as it relates to teaching a pregnant woman in a class

  • Includes post-natal yoga to assist a woman in post delivery care

  • Led by facilitators with backgrounds in midwifery, yoga teaching and post-natal recovery

Course Facilitators:

Tutors Include:

Carmel Flaherty, Midwife National Maternity Hospital Holles Street, Lecturer in UCD and yoga teacher

June Crawley, Yoga teacher

Catriona Leavey, Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher


A yoga teacher training qualification


YTI Certificate in teaching yoga for pregnancy

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