Why Mum & Baby Yoga?

The first year is very important in the bonding of mother and baby. With this precious new life comes a whole new set of responsibilities, and very little sleep. Mother’s get little time to rest and enjoy motherhood in relaxing surroundings!

Baby Yoga is a wonderful opportunity for Mums to spend quality time with their baby, enjoying their development and watching their unique personalities unfold.

Mothers are often keen to get back to themselves after having a baby, and regain pelvic tone. Postnatal yoga is the perfect solution for mothers to get to their weekly yoga class, where their baby is also welcome.

Who is this course for?

This exciting module is for yoga and prenatal yoga teachers who want to continue their yoga journey with a mum & baby yoga teacher training.

Prenatal Yoga teachers realise the wonderful experience of supporting a pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy with yoga. To be able to continue this journey with her and her little one, is even more precious. Meeting all the little bundles you’ve been talking to for the previous 9 months in person, gives you a unique opportunity to help mum and baby bond, and enjoy their special time together. It also offers your Mum Yogis a chance to meet up with their friends from your prenatal classes and continue their journey into parenthood together.

What is taught on the course?

During this module you will learn the specifics of a postnatal mother, from a fully trained midwife with years of experience. You will learn how to improve and alleviate postnatal problems and help women to improve and regain their core muscle strength.

For baby, you will learn the physical specifics, baby development, and how to teach Baby Yoga. You will learn gentle movements, fun rhymes, and songs that support key areas of baby’s growth, communication and development. You will learn how to adapt yoga for the growing baby as well as any special situations that you might encounter.

Why teach Mum & Baby Yoga?

Mum & Baby Yoga classes promote positive touch and communication between Mum & Baby. This establishes trust and mutual respect, which helps in bonding, and sets the foundation for their special relationship together for years to come.

Women can feel a sense of isolation after having a baby. They are often home alone for long hours with baby, and may not have anyone to call on.  Meeting in a group with other parents brings companionship and a chance to enjoy this unique time in their lives.

Carrying and feeding baby on little sleep can play havoc with a mother’s wellbeing, so taking the opportunity to address their needs in a postnatal class where baby is welcome too can be of huge benefit. Mum & Baby yoga is a wonderful opportunity for Mums to experience relaxation with their baby, and for babies to experience relaxed parents, gentle movements and fun rhymes and songs in a warm, relaxed setting.

The benefits for Mum in getting some precious time to herself to regain her strength post-birth, while enjoying a fun and relaxing time with her baby, has far-reaching effects on the family unit and society as a whole.

Course Structure:

The module will also show how a mother can engage baby in yoga asanas and do postnatal-approved yoga moves with her baby, and includes:

  • Post natal anatomy

  • Infant development

  • Post natal specific problems

  • Post natal asana & pilates

  • Baby engagement cues

  • Baby yoga

Course Facilitator:


Open to all qualified Yoga teachers


YTI Certificate in Teaching Mum and Baby Yoga

Next Course 2018:

3rd & 4th February 2018



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