Yoga Therapy Ireland Foundation Course

Take your yoga journey to the next level

  • Have you ever thought you would like to delve deeper into Yoga and take your Yoga journey from your weekly Yoga class to the next level?

Yes? Then Yoga Therapy Ireland has the course to suit your needs. The YTI Foundation Yoga Course (Dublin) takes the form of six one-day workshops which are designed to further develop your Yoga practice within the Yoga Therapy Ireland ethos, deepen your awareness of breath-work and Yoga philosophy and show you how to incorporate them into your daily lives. Furthermore, the course is also designed to give you the added confidence to apply for our Yoga Teacher Training course, should you choose.

  1. Further your yoga journey by taking your practice of yoga from attendance at a weekly class to a study period of six months, attending the Yoga Therapy Ireland yoga training session one full day per month.
  2. Become familiar with the YTI’ therapeutic approach’ to the understanding, practice and application of yoga.
  3. Delve a little deeper into the study of asana, breathwork, relaxation, meditation and yoga philosophy.
  4. Learn to incorporate the learning in class into your daily life.
  5. Develop confidence in your understanding and in your practice.
  6. The YTI Foundation Yoga Course is also the ‘foundation/preparatory course’ for the YTI Teacher Training Course. Having completed the Foundation Yoga Course you may have the interest and confidence to apply for the Teacher Training Course.
  7. All YTI yoga training courses are graded and progressive, each one building on previous learning and training.
  8. Each YTI yoga training course stands alone but at the same time is the basis for further training. The full spectrum of YTI yoga training can bring a student from’ yoga enthusiast’ through to ‘trained teacher’ and on, finally, to fully-trained ‘yoga therapist’.

A Yoga Therapy Ireland Certificate of Attendance is presented to all who successfully complete the course.

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