How to use yoga during pregnancy

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and yoga practices can be adapted to fit the needs of each individual.

Regular practice of yoga breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and gentle posture work support the mother during the stages of her pregnancy. This results in increased confidence, strength, stamina and skills to cope with the demands of labour. See below for some more yoga tips for pregnancy. For details of qualified yoga teachers near you, click here.

Below are some tips offered by our yoga therapists for expectant mothers:

The first trimester
  • During the first three months of pregnancy care must be taken to allow the pregnancy to stabilise
  • Relaxation, meditation, simple breath work are recommended for this trimester especially for those new to yoga. These techniques help women to cope with the possible side effects of pregnancy e.g. tiredness, nausea‚Ķ
  • Women who have been practising yoga for some time may be able to continue a normal asana practice, adapting the pace and the posture work to their needs.
The second trimester
  • During the second three months, most women enjoy a new burst of energy and will find yoga postures useful to strengthen the body and improve posture and stamina. Classic yoga postures need to be adapted to avoid constricting the baby or straining the mother.
  • Relaxation, visualisation, meditation and simple breath work continue to be of value to conserve energy in the mother and develop the bond with the growing baby
  • During the second and the last three months of pregnancy, women practising yoga find the need to use cushions and props to allow them to be comfortable during posture work relaxation etc
The third trimester
  • During the last trimester the pace must be gentle with emphasis on preparing for the impending birth. It is advisable for her birthing partner to work with the mother in order to know how to support her during the delivery.
  • A good yoga teacher will explore positions that will help the mother ride out contractions with breathing skills that support them and make delivery easier.