Yoga for Asthma Sufferers

Got asthma? Yoga can help...

What is asthma?

The condition ‘asthma’ creates muscle spasm in the bronchi, the airways of the lungs, causing them to narrow. This, along with inflammation of the lining of the bronchi and mucus production adds to the obstruction. The individual presents with a dry cough, often nocturnal, wheezing and shortness of breath. The conventional medical treatment and management of asthma is usually drug therapy. Alongside this, yoga therapy has a lot to offer in the management of this condition.

Benefits of yoga for asthma sufferers
  • Correct posture allows for the lungs to inflate and deflate with ease
  • Simple stretching exercises of the torso and ribcage area encourage more flexibility and suppleness in the respiratory muscles and thus more efficient breathing
  • Postures such as back arches help open the chest, freeing the diaphragm, allowing the use of the full capacity of the lungs
  • Breathing practices can help increase lung capacity, create more efficient breathing and more energy release within the individual, helping to combat the tiredness and fatigue that can come from restricted breathing
  • Yoga can improve exercise tolerance, giving more confidence to participate in activities and exercises and allowing the individual to lead as normal and full life as possible
  • Relaxation techniques can help reduce anxiety and stress which can precipitate asthma attacks
  • The practice of meditation can help the individual steady their emotions, view life more calmly and cope more easily with their asthma
Open to all

The most important thing about Yoga is that it meets you as you are. Therefore, you can be sure that “you can do Yoga”.

Individual sessions can be arranged to meet the particular needs of individuals with specific medical conditions such as asthma. Qualified Yoga Therapists from Yoga Therapy Ireland are skilled in modifying and adapting the practices of yoga to address the needs of the individual and will design a programme that embraces the whole person, body, mind, emotion, spirit and breath. In time, by making progress working from a personal tailored programme, the individual would be encouraged to join a general yoga class.

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