Teaching Yoga to expectant mothers

Yoga for Pregnancy Course

Perhaps you are thinking of applying for the Yoga Pregnancy Course, which will commence in January 2016? There is great demand for Yoga for Pregnancy classes and further feedback from all our recent course participants has been that the course, not only helped them manage their own pregnancies but has also given them the confidence to set up specialised classes for pregnant women. If you would like to specialise in this area this course is certainly a must. The course, now of five days duration, includes antenatal and, new for this course, post-natal yoga.

The purpose of this six-day course will be to give the yoga teacher a greater understanding of pregnancy and birth as it relates to teaching a pregnant woman in a class.

Yoga can prepare a woman very effectively for giving birth by inspiring her to be in touch with herself and her baby. Yoga can help a mother to adjust to the many changes occurring inside and outside the body.

This course will take yoga teachers through the nine-month experience of pregnancy, ending with the miracle of birth and relate this to how they, as yoga teachers, can aid this process and help a woman to get in touch with her inner power as woman and mother.