Feng Shui for the Holidays

Feng Shui acts as a catalyst to reduce stress and increase joy within a space; but it is influenced by the energy, thoughts, actions and deeds of the occupants too. Merely placing objects and symbols without practicing positive affirmations and generosity may not fulfil our desires. It is important that one puts an imprint of positive thoughts, good vibes, and a feel of abundance while using Feng Shui enhancers for getting the maximum out of the time tested tips specified here.


  • Make your home a welcoming and stress-free zone by having a ring of red berries and ivy hanging outside your door. The round shapes are considered auspicious in Feng Shui, and the red colour of the berries and the green colour of the ivy promote energy and growth.


  • Cleaning before the holidays will set the stage for fresh energy and vitality. If you have items which haven’t been used over the past year, consider getting rid of them to make way for new items, representing new opportunities in life. Cleaning clears out the stagnant energy that tends to get stored in the corners of rooms. Stagnant energy can create a constant drain on the health and wealth of the inhabitants.


  • The front entry to the house is also known as “Mouth of Chi”. Ensure that it is clutter free and bright. There should not be any creaking sound when the door is opened and closed. Sparkling lights, colours, and fresh aromas such as pine and cinnamon, also add to the Christmas feeling


  • If your hall is big enough, place a welcoming vase or pot of flowers so that it will be on view as soon as people enter the house. According to Feng Shui this will ensure your house is filled with laughter


  • Christmas trees are wonderful because they bring life and a delicate pine scent into your home. They also bring with them, what is regarded as, poisonous arrows if the tips of their branches are left bare. Soften the tips of the branches with decorations. Trees and Plants represent the wood element and promote family harmony and abundance


  • Rose Quartz and Amethyst are said to promote a loving and healing energy, so place these crystals at the heart of your home to enable energies to radiate all around.


  • Candles represent the fire element and can add vitality and warmth to your home. Scented candles add the element of fire and energy in a room. In your living room, place candles of yellow, pink or red to encourage harmony and liveliness


  • During the holidays, try to squeeze in some time for introspection. Reading a book, meditating, or walking in the woods are effective ways to restore/balance positive energies in a hectic season


  • Giving gratitude and keeping a harmonious intention for the holidays will also bless your home with a peaceful environment in which you can experience the joys of this social season