30th September 2017

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state between waking and sleeping, during which you will completely relax and tune in more closely to the subtleties of your body and mind.

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear. Rumi.”

Go deeper into your practice. Take your body through full range of motion. Still your mind by focusing your thoughts on your alignment. Make subtle shifts to access connection, strength and freedom. Release, stretch and soften from that place of strength. Sylvia will guide you through a full vinyasa-flow, alignment-focused practice designed to allow you to move with greater ease. Suitable for all levels with modifications for all.

Go deeper into your being.  Simply let it all soak in as you are guided through a deep, systemic, full relaxation of body and mind.
Cultivate your beginner’s mind as Sylvia guides you through the ultimate practice to drop physical tension from the body; Yoga Nidra.

Go deeper into your teaching. The afternoon will begin with reflective work, journalling and group work. Refine your teaching skills, cultivate the skills and presence to be supportive as you learn to guide your own students through the practice.

Go deeper into your alignment. We’ll close the session exploring thoughtful, introspective, subtle alignment shifts. From a place of deep quiet and connection these shifts encourage subtle but profound and lasting change.


What to bring?
– whatever props you normally use in your practice, a block and a belt if required.

– warm layers for Yoga Nidra, a warm hoodie or sweatshirt, thick socks and a blanket.

– It make a big difference if you have a small layer under your head, even if you are very used to Savasana on the mat without one.

– an eye pillow is lovely – bring a scarf or a large thick sock if you don’t have one.

– bring your open mind and your smile!


Sylvia Ferguson Yoga workshop


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