27th January 2018

Are you a yoga teacher who thinks that ‘Chair Yoga’ is exclusively for the elderly? If so you are looking through a very narrow lens of opportunity. The humble chair is an excellent prop and like all other yoga props has a myriad of uses if you look a little deeper.

Chair Yoga works very effectively with students who have joint problems, like Arthritis, students who have muscular problems like Fibromyalgia, bone problems like Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, neuromuscular problems like Parkinsons and MS.

Chair Yoga can be used in small spaces, for example in the office and the yoga practices taught in the chair can advance and progress when you learn to use the full potential of the chair.

So why not come along to this day, see what it has to offer and add to your existing yoga teaching skills.

Who knows you may find yourself setting up a Chair Yoga Class immediately !!

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This workshop will be led by YTI Tutor Elma Toland

Elma Toland